Riparian Buffer Restoration Project

We were awarded a grant through the Chesapeake Bay Trust from Harford County to conduct a riparian buffer restoration project along a portion of the shoreline behind Havre de Grace's Promenade. We are currently in the planning phase, and expect to begin construction and planting in Fall 2018. We look forward to bettering the areas ability to filter and retain stormwater, in hopes to reduce nutrient loads and sediments in our waters that result from runoff and the depletion of riparian buffers. We will be holding volunteer workdays in the fall, if interested, please contact the Environmental Center about volunteering.  

The Osprey Cam was developed in hopes to give us a birds eye view into the lives of the Fish Hawk, also known as Osprey. Osprey's are migratory raptors, who travel as far south as South America during the winter. This spring we experienced a juvenile couple express interest in our platform. Unfortunately, they did not build their nest here this year, however we expect them to be back and building next year. Our pair still stops by sometimes to casually eating some fresh caught fish, or to enjoy the view from their 55 foot platform. We plan on having the camera live streaming its feed in the near future. The video above is a recording of our pair visiting this fall.

Special thanks to BG&E for the donation and installation of the pole and platform, Tidewater marina for their help installing the camera, our boatshop crew for their help building the camera mount, Jeff Thompson for his IT support, and our generous donors.

​​The Butterfly Garden


Wetland Restoration Project

and Living Shoreline

Our Nature Trail

We would like to extend our thanks to the volunteers from the Department of Natural Resoucres and Maryland Conservation Corps, who recently cleared a walking path by our wetlands. We appreciate their efforts immensely as we continue with our wetland restoration project.

Our management plan for the critical area buffer zone directly outside the Environmental Center:

Environmental Center Projects

Osprey Cam