On our main floor, we are proud to offer the public twenty one permanent exhibits of maritime culture in our Cecil F. and Kathryn Hill Gallery. Our Beyond Jamestown exhibit (a featured stop on the John Smith Historic Water Trail) is a historical multimedia exhibit in the adjacent gallery. Additional artifacts are displayed in the reception area, and can even be found adorning our What Knots Gift Shoppe. Our ground floor boat shop currently displays three historic boats, two built by our own members. Outside, an original old-time fishing/house boat called a "shad shack" and other reminders of our maritime history are prominently sited on our grounds. New exhibits, including fishtanks, have also been set up downstairs in our Environmental Center gallery. The gallery sheds a light on ecological concerns in our area and the importance of protecting our local ecosystems and aquatic life.

The rich history of the Upper Chesapeake Bay and Lower Susquehanna River watersheds provides us with many narratives of the people who made their living from the Bay’s resources. We sifted through our hundreds of artifacts and organized them into exhibits that tell these stories and make this history come alive to our visitors.

As a maritime museum, we have a strong concentration of exhibits about boats – both historic boats (originals and reproductions made in our boat shop) and scale models of working boats of the Bay. We explain shipboard navigation by simulating a ship’s bridge, and present examples of vintage lifesaving equipment. We display hand tools, fishing nets and equipment used by fishermen of days gone by. Thousand-year old Native American petroglyphs and stone and wooden tools take us further back into the region’s history. Examples of folk art, photos, paintings and prints show how the Bay has inspired the creativity of artists for hundreds of years. We regularly add new artifacts to our permanent exhibits and install temporary exhibits year round.

The Cecil F. and Kathryn Hill Gallery is also home to our interactive Kids' Corner. Children of all ages can play in a real boat and learn about the Bay and our environment, and in the summers, listen to books read aloud during Story Time.

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