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Summer Camps

The daily topics of focus include:

Wetland Exploration - Campers will be exposed to the functions of a wetland ecosystem through exploration and observation. Campers will discuss what they found and assess the function of the wetland based on their findings. Campers will observe macro-invertebrates inside the center’s lab.

Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt and Discoveries - Campers will learn the importance of living and non-living things in an ecosystem; how they work together and rely upon one another to form a successful ecosystem. The scavenger hunt encourages an active understanding of the value of biodiversity in nature and potential threats to our diverse ecosystem in the bay.

Forest Ecosystem Adventures - Campers will explore and observe the variety of tree species located around Susquehanna region. Organized hikes encourage campers to make these observations and discuss the important role the trees play in the ecosystem. 

A Bug’s Life - Campers will learn the value that insects play in our ecosystems. Campers will be challenged to break current misconceptions with the fear factor of insects by gaining a new appreciation to their role in the environment. Campers will be challenged to catch new and different types of insects through extensive exploration.

Nature into Art - Campers will explore the outdoor world through their own observations; they will be provided with journals for recording purposes. Campers will create art through their findings amongst the great outdoors. Students will understand how to upcycle items that is considered trash, into new and unique art forms.

Shoreline Studies - Campers will explore the shoreline of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay. Campers will notice the various species that are found amongst the shoreline, collect samples, make documentations, and dive deeper into what is found using lab equipment.

Wildlife Listening and Learning - Campers will dive into nature explorations using their 5 sense. Campers will go through various activities such as solo-hikes and blind-folded games. Campers will learn to appreciate the world around them through their experience.

Survival Skills - Campers will learn basic wilderness survival skills including fire building, shelter building, tracking, and understanding what tools are essential to have. Campers will gain skills to feel confident in surviving in the great outdoors.